June 2014 – July 2014 

Pasadena Community Ministries Food Pantry

A lot has happened these past two months.  During March & April we served 973 families with 2,900 individuals.  During this time we had 2,123 volunteer hours.

We have applied for 2 grants from the city this next year and have delivered them to the proper authorities.  We received an extra $12,267 to help people with rent and utilities.  This may seem a lot of money to some of you, but it goes fast with so many people needing help. Since October (when grant money begins) through April we have helped 58 families with rent and 47 families with utilities.  Thanks to God we have the resources to do it.

Have you checked out our web site?  It looks good.  It’s

Inspection Time

Both the City Health Department and the Houston Food Bank have been out to inspect us.  We passed with flying colors.

Thank You 

We have lots of thank “you’s” this month.  Dr. Tung Pham, Dentist keeps us supplied with toothpaste and tooth brushes.  He has given us business cards to give to all our clients if they need dental work.  Thanks Dr. Pham.

The National Honor Society of Queens Intermediate School collected peanut butter and jelly for us.  Also Sam Rayburn High School collected 50 jars of peanut butter and baby clothes.

Turner Industries on Pasadena Blvd. collected and delivered to us about 500 lbs of food.  We received a couple of pick-up trucks of food from the recent food drive the Post Office had.

Mu Alpha Sorority $1,800.

Pasadena Bay Area Jr. Forum $500.

Twice a week we are receiving bread and baked goods from Target and Kroger.  (Sometime, even some meat.)  Our clients have loved it.

We always are thankful for our churches, but this past month, several did extra printing for us.  Zion Lutheran ran off multiple pages of our grant application (7 copies of about 18 pages each); First Presbyterian ran off our clothes tickets; and Peace Lutheran runs this newsletter (175 copies) and our schedule off every two months.  If it weren’t for all those on this thank you list, we wouldn’t be in existence.  And I’m sure I’ve left off someone, but God knows who you are.

A Special Thank You to some of our volunteers.

Jim Mayberry has poured a concrete ramp for us at the back door to make it easier for the guys to bring in the food.  Also, Jim had to widen the doorway and put in a new door to the room we will put the new freezer that the Food Bank is supposed to give us.  Thanks Jim for the hours you spent doing this.

Fabian Gomez and Felix Marrero put a new guard around the drainage hole at the edge of our driveway.

With our Volunteers

Cheryle Moore, our youngest volunteer this past year has gone to work full time.  We’ll miss you Cheryle.  She made a good Receptionist and Interviewer.

 Phillip Davis, who helped unload groceries has had to resign because of taking a job out of town.

Lena Love and Charles Hershberger are back with us after having surgeries.  Tom Hancock and Georgeann Zohar are both undergoing therapy right now.  Our condolences to Joyce Warner at the loss of her sister.

Rosa & Fabian Gomez are new grandparents to a granddaughter.

Welcome to Mike Fincher of First Baptist Church as a new volunteer.  He carries out groceries which brings me to another thought.  The guys who are so faithful in coming and taking groceries out are really appreciated.  They do it in hot, cold and rainy weather and none complain.

Volunteer Spotlight

Bernie Switzer joined us 2 years ago in the food pantry.  He is a hard working retiree who worked as an operations manager.  He has been married to his lovely wife, Marilyn, for 45 years.  Bernie is the proud father of 8 children, 23 grandchildren and beginning a generation of great-grandchildren.  He attends Parkwood Methodist Church and enjoys fishing with his grandkids.

Judy Rushing has been working at PCM for the last 3 years in the clothes pantry.  Judy is retired from PISD where she worked as a PE aide for 23 years.  She and her husband, Bobby, have been married for 50 years.  They raised 5 children of their own and several others who needed a loving home.  They are proud grandparents of 14 and great-grandparents of 3.  Judy attends Golden Acres Church and also works for Meals on Wheels.  In her spare time she guides her grandchildren to serve our Lord.

Note from your Director

These last 3 months have been a trying ordeal for me. First Ken had open heart surgery (valve replacement and 3 by-passes) and 6 weeks later he fell and broke his hip and had a hip replacement.  During the 2nd part of that, applications for 2 grants for next year were due at the city office, plus the month’s report.  Thanks to God we have a good staff of volunteers to help with the load.

Many of us are put through trials that the Lord allows in our life to make us aware that He is in control.  We can always find something to be thankful for and my list is long.

Sometimes we may wonder “am I doing anything to make the world a better place?’ Are we?  The answer is YES.  Everyone can do something to make the world better!  We can let the love of Christ shine through us.  We do this in many ways.  A kind word, a smile, a show of concern.  The list can go on and on.  I look upon our Ministry and our special volunteers as special lights of God’s love.  I want to thank each of you for your time and love you show our clients.  Someday when you stand before God, He will reach out and touch you and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Jean Wottrich